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#199194 - “Stay where you are” she said breathing heavy, my cock was still hard inside her as my orgasm finished, it was then I felt her pussy grip and release me over and over, a steady rippling effect that sure kept me hard, normally I’d go soft after cumming but not this time this woman knew how to make the most of a hard on! I felt her lips on mine and that was the signal to keep going now, I thrust my cock into her and out again at my same rapid pace as before but this time she held me tight with her thighs and told me to slow down. I guess it was her who started a lot of my preferences, my love of older women, my fetish for panties (although I must admit I never saw hers in school I’d always think about them back home!) my obsession with a curvy body and a round ass, they all go back to Ms. I gasped and she must have heard me, but instead of pushing me away she just rest her head on my shoulder, I looked around and saw a few former class mates looking at me, I blushed but they w

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Tsuki uzaki
I came cor christian content but yeah this is also pretty good though my last interaction with a dragon dildo was being slapped in the face by it so ptsd never again
Momo isshiki
Cassidy is pure perfection