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#68844 - She tasted so sweet, that I couldn't resist abandoning her clit every now and then, to lap up another mouthful. I was panting now, with the effort of holding it in, but then she slowed down - rose up slowly - rammed herself down so hard, I thought, my pelvis would disintegrate - and started growling like a feral animal. My hand slid down her side until they reached her butt.

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I would love to try that mouth out sometime
Yoshitsugu otani
Thank you
Attention brook i am calling you out i love the back of your hand and the veins they look erotic and orgasmic i love the inner elbow area too those veins popping up on your crook of the arm thats so erotic as you are going from horny to orgasmic overdrive man i wish to feel those hands and arms as we fuck each other in my dreams i am calling out brook to reply back to me please