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#103147 - . Aditi:- You killed Celeste, although you was under some kind of control but still, Celeste died by your hands Jonah:- Correct, i killed Celeste and in doing so i broke the biggest rule the camp has A few campers started murmoring among themselves, a few tryed to argue that Jonah didn't do it as he was been controlled but Aditi sensed what Jonah wanted and decided to give it to him Aditi:- Silence, Jonah you have broken the main rule and now you must be executed Jonah:- Thankyou, now i know most of you are wondering why i would do this, well it's simple, i want to be with Celeste now, i have nothing left in this world, i was told not long back that only a hero may die, do you not all see me as a hero A few mumblings from around the crowd were broken when one camper started chanting *Hero, Hero*, soon the whole camp joined in and began chanting that Jonah was infact a hero Jonah:- Thankyou, now i believe that i broke a rule and a punishment is

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She damm hot